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The Ceda-Tex Services, Inc. is a TxDOT DBE certified Construction Company with operations in service since 1998. Guided by our founder, Fred Odanga, and his extensive background as a former Engineer with the Federal Government in the Department of Transportation, we are equipped with the leadership, knowledge and experience to serve government agencies throughout Texas.

We are a family owned businesses that focuses on optimizing our clients experience and providing exceptional service. Opportunities to contribute to the continued growth and development of our communities allow us to connect with it’s members. Our services include a high level of professionalism and we are proud that our quality of work supports government agencies in strengthening our communities. Ceda- Tex was created to inspire us to build a life worthy of a legacy.

DBE & HUB Certified

Acknowledging the ever changing world around us, we make it our priority to continuously build relationships with professionals in Construction and Technology to keep up with the latest industry trends, products and service offerings; ensuring that we deliver benefits that scale with our clients. It is our mission to become Austin’s premier GC by prioritizing quality and commitment throughout all levels of the organization. Partnering with the best local, highly skilled trades, we have the resources available to provide a broad range of valuable sevices from end to end.


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